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Top Reasons Why Paint Cracks

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A lot of people do not usually associate cracking with paint. Although, cracking paint is actually a typical problem and it could happen due to several reasons. You might be wondering why the paint in your home cracks and you want to know how to prevent having this in the future. Worry no more because we have listed below the major reasons why cracking paint happens for you to understand better: 

Prepared improperly 

It is very important to take your time as you prepare your surface to be painted. This helps to make sure that the paint would adhere to your surface. This also helps avoid having cracking paint in the future. You can prepare your surface properly by stripping away damaged or peeling paint, priming the surface, filling the dents and dings, sanding down the surface, and stripping away damaged or peeling paint.  

Not enough paint or too much paint 

Similar to how essential preparing the surface is, utilizing the right amount of paint for your surface is also important. Applying too much or too little could make your paint crack quite early on. The most effective technique is to apply thin and even paint layers on your surface. On the surface, add a layer of paint so that you can have the ideal surface finish without applying too much or too little amount of paint.  

Reapplying while it’s not totally dried up 

Before reapplying to another layer, you have to make sure that the initial layer has totally dried. Otherwise, it would lead your painting to crack. 

Does not adhere well 

Paint that has low adhesion power could crack or peel in a short time. Usually, the main reason why paint does not properly adhere to surfaces is due to the improper prepping of the surface. Perhaps you have used the wrong paint type for your surface or the painting conditions might not be perfect since it was very cold or humid.  

Low-quality and inexpensive paint 

Other people believe that the price serves a major role in the paint they select. However, inexpensive paints are not better all the time. Low-quality or inexpensive paint might peel or crack faster and easier compared to high-quality paint. In order to choose a long-lasting and quality brand, you better do some research about their brands and the feedback from the users. 

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