What to Do While Waiting For Towing Service?

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Because of the help of technology, especially cellphones, breaking down on the roadside is not as scary or frustrating unlike before. However, we can’t always rely on what technology can do. Sometimes, services for cellphones could be very erratic in remote places and this could be an absolute miss. Though you’ve been quite lucky to get service and to call a towing company, you might still be required to wait for some time. To help you keep safe as you wait for your towing assistance, here are 4 tips you should remember: 


Pull off as further as possible 

If you have sensed that there’s something wrong with your vehicle, you need to put on your hazard lights right away, slow down, and slowly pull over. Then, leave off the road and pull over as far as you can. Prevent to stop on an off-ramp or a bridge even if you will require to drive half a mile with a flat tire on. 

Bring an emergency kit 

You must have an emergency kit for each vehicle you possess in case of an emergency. The kit must have basic fluids like a white flour sack towel, jumper cables, wrenches and sockets, hand tools, safety vests, triangle reflectors, extra batteries, flashlight, emergency flares, a spare tire, and basic fluids such as radiator fluid and oil. 

Remain inside your vehicle 

While you might be lured to get out of your car and have some stretching, your safest option would be remaining still with you hazard lights on, locked door, and seatbelts on. Tactlessly, irresponsible drivers commonly slam into the stalled vehicle’s back.  

Carefully get out 

You can get out of your vehicle’s passenger side only if you know what the issue could be or if your hazards are not functioning. Make sure that you pulled over in a place that you feel secure. Before you do anything else, put on your safety vest right away and then show your triangle reflectors.  

If your phone has an empty battery and you can’t contact a towing service near you, take a white flour sack from your emergency kit and tie it to your antenna or place it in your window for it to wave in the wind. By doing this, other people might notice you and they can possibly help you in contacting a towing service. 

The moment you are done doing that, get back in your car and put on your seatbelt. Then, wait for assistance to come. A tow truck or police will be with you shortly. Never get out of your car if a car stops to help. Instead, slightly roll down your window and request them a favor to call the police for you.  

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